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Making available a perfect range of Gamma Picolines, Beta Picolines, that are used in the production of agricultural chemicals, herbicides and insecticides etc. They have many applications as Agriculture Intermediates. We present a breakthrough range of chemical compounds with features of good reactivity, efficiency & longevity, ensuring an overall increase in the productivity.

About Us

In today's era, where modern technology and its innumerable boons have revolutionized our lives and made tasks, that were once considered too cumbersome, a walk in the park. But more often than not, the chemical industry takes a backseat, in favor of the more mechanized streams like heavy machinery and tools industry. But imagine for once, would the manufacturing facilities of metals and other heavy tools and products, work if the numerous chemical compounds that are used either as catalysts or reagents, are removed form their respective processes? The answer is a resounding 'No'. Take for example the metallurgy industry. It would be nigh impossible to extract and purify the liquid metal without employing a number of chemicals that act as promoters and impurity absorbents, and bring forth the pure metal. 

Established in 2003, Shree Ambica Trading Corporation has received wide acclaim and trust for its excellent range of industrial utility chemical compounds. We are a noted Supplier, Trader, Wholesaler and Distributor of high purity chemicals and chemical solutions such as Saturated Polyester Resin, Para Cresol, Chloro Pyridine, Meta Cresol, N Heptane, N Heptane Solvent, Sorbitol Solution, Beta Pinene, Pyridine Chemical, Dioctyl Phthalate, Alpha Picolinic, Beta Picoline, Tetrahydrofuran Reagent, Alpha Pinene, Gamma Picoline, Cyclopentane Chemical, Cyclopentane Solutions, Cresylic Acid, Propionaldehyde Solution, Gum Turpentine and a host of others.